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Residential Radiant Cooling

  • Location

    Sant’ Antnin Water Treatment Marsascala

  • Role

    Process Design & Build

  • Life Cycle Contract


  • Total Contract Value

    Euro 3.6M


Innovation is what keeps us going at FMcore. Experimenting and finding new solutions for our clients gives us tremendous satisfaction. For this project, the client wanted an air-conditioning system which is invisible, occupies the least possible headroom, is silent, efficient and safe. After consulting various systems, the system which ticked all the boxes is cooling and heating by means of RADIATION. We identified a supplier which provided us with pipe integrated suspended ceiling panels through which hot/cold water could flow. Manifolds similar to the ones used for under floor heating were installed to distribute the cooling/heating medium. Each zone has a solenoid valve which is actuated through an intelligent thermostat located in each conditioned space. Cool/Hot water is provided by means of an air to water heat pump. In order to prevent condensation, the system is coupled to an intelligent climate control system. The system measures the wet bulb temperature in each zone and mixes the water making sure that only water with a temperature higher than the wet bulb temperature is conveyed to the specific zone. Complimenting this system is an air system which recovers energy from the recirculating air stream to cool and/or heat the fresh air. The mixture is then filtered, cooled and heated before conveyed to the house. In summer, the AHU dehumidifies the air in order to increase the effectiveness of the system. The photos illustrate; the heat pumps which are located at roof level, an infra red image showing the cool ceiling, the intelligent climate control system which enables control remotely and a schematic of the AHU equipment.