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Water Services Corporation

  • Location

    Sant’ Antnin Water Treatment Marsascala

  • Role

    Process Design & Build

  • Contract Execution


  • Total Contract Value

    Euro 3.6M


FMcore has participated and secured a project, part financed by the EU for the refurbishing of the Sant’Antnin waste water treatment plant. The project comprises the treatment of black water by means of an MBBR process. Soil water is pumped from another soil water station at Tal-Barkat in Xghajra. The soil water flows through a 90m culvert. The culvert will be filled with 65% media on which biofilm grows. The biofilm is continuously fed with oxygen by means of 6 in number air blowers. The air flows from the blowers to the diffusers which are located at the bottom of the culvert through SS316 pipework. Also included in the scope is the replacement of the motor control centres, SCADA, sensors, control valves, cabling and inlet screens. Once treated the water will be suitable for irrigation applications. It can be further polished for other applications.